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Summer camp was all fun and games until the animals decided they didn't want the scouts to be around anymore. Now they're on the attack, and it's up to you to keep the boys alive and the camp intact.

Command your units. Collect your resources. Fortify your defenses. Train and upgrade your little Scout soldiers. Prepare for a wild war like you've never seen!

Introducing the Gamma Update! Now with new intro, voice lines, and new art!!

Install instructions

1) Download the zip file. Very vital step.

2) Double click on the "Troop Master Beta Release" application and select "Extract all". You can double click the File folder with the same name, but that won't help you much.

3) Choose where to extract the game files and click "Extract". We don't care where you put them, as long as it's on your computer we're happy!

4) Click the "Troop Master Beta Release" application. Sounds a lot like Step 2 we know, but it's different cause this should run the game

4a) VERY IMPORTANT!!! There's a chance that Windows will get grumpy because this type of executable file (.exe) isn't common and sometimes contains malware. BUT THIS ONE DOESN"T WE PROMISE!! If Windows gives you a warning then just ignore the warning, click on the "More Info" link in the warning box, and click on the button that says "Run Anyway".

5) Them game should be running now!! After playing for a bit, please fill out this Google Forms survey (https://goo.gl/forms/JFP7DFEObRaimo4n1 )so we can feel good about ourselves and have data to submit for our senior capstone project (very important step, or at least we like to think so.)

6) Enjoy the game! If you have any questions comments or concerns about the game feel free to post in the comment thread at the bottom of the page. This game is going to be changing constantly and we wanna know what you want those changes to be!


Troop Master, Gamma Release 43 MB

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